Why hire goats for weed control or hazard reduction? 

  • Goats provide a chemical free option. Perfect if you're organic, worried about overspray onto high value crops (such as in vineyards or orchards), in an environmentally sensitive area or looking for an alternative to chemicals.

  • Goats can get into places machines can't.

  • Goats can eat out infestations too large to be treated by other methods.

  • Goats can be used all year round in all weather conditions.

How much will it cost?

Generally speaking, hiring goats will cost the same amount or less than a contract sprayer and chemicals or a machine and operator.  A dozen goats can eat through a Blackberry patch the size of a one car garage each day.

Jobs are charged on a daily rate. Setup days start at $150 depending on distance travelled, access and setup considerations and the need for additional manual clearing. A mob of goats will cost $70 per day to hire.

Packages can be tailored to your individual needs and budget.


How does goat hire work? 

The first step is a free, no obligation consultation to determine the suitability of goats for the job. The job will be broken down into paddocks and an optimal herd size determined. Once on site, the goats will be secured into mobile electric paddocks and rotated through the areas requiring attention.

What will goats eat?

Goats eat a wide variety of weeds and plants.  They preferentially graze plants and weeds over grass. Blackberry and Sweet Briar are among their favourites. 

For the MLA handbook on using goats for weed control click here, or for their list of what goats eat click here.


Will my weeds be gone for good after the goats are finished?

Like any weed treatment method, using goats will require follow up.  The amount and speed of regrowth is dependent on the time of year and the type of weed treated. Goats are an excellent control method - they will limit the size and spread of weeds and are perfect for treating gullies, creek lines, slopes and thickets that are otherwise inaccessible.  Both repeated grazing and pasture improvement/remediation will be required to eliminate noxious weeds.  Goats destroy almost all seeds during digestion so will not spread weeds.  Their light weight and soft hooves minimise damage to sensitive land and their grazing is a beneficial part of the remediation process.